A new freedom

As I continue to clean on what bubbles up things continue to become more and more amazing. And it’s not that I’ve become totally wealthy or that I’m travelling the world and living out all of my wildest dreams, even though it has been very dream like…(I’m not convinced that our dreamlife is less real than our waking one) Its more like this huge Gratitude that is growing in my heart for the peace of mind I am beginning to notice and for the realization that I don’t have to manipulate everything to my will and to constantly be worrying about how everything is going to turn out. I don’t have to worry about that anymore and that is still blowing my mind all over the wall daily.
I am becoming too tired to want to write, I just wanted to start this form of communication up again because for some reason it feels so therapeutic. At this time I am just writing because it makes me feel good and if it helps someone well thats just a win-win.
I am excited because tomorrow is my day off and i might go to Santa Cruz or hiking here in the Tahoe Basin, but before that I believe I will be picking back up “The Awakening Course” by Joe Vitale. And there are a few things I love about that. First is that I intuitively can feel that it will be hugely helpful to me at this point in the journey. I am also excited about the fact that I have decided, or divinity has decided rather, that I will be skipping the “Empowerment” cd completely as I feel I am clearly leaving that level and entering the level of “Surrender”. I feel good about the fact that I am finally learning the art of “non-finishing”. What a time saver. And finally I browsed the Surrender section of the workbook for the course and it starts of talking all about Ho’ oponopono. I feel pretty excited as I am sure that this course has bubbled back up into the forefront of my mind through constant cleaning and this is sure to be great. Thats the cool thing about incessant Ho’ oponopono is that I can usually be sure that something that is still around after a few rounds of cleaning is for my highest good. I make the only choice I have, to clean, and Love makes the decisions. It’s so deliciously wonderful. Good bye for now, I will blog again soon!)


One response to “A new freedom

  1. Its actually quite amazing to be able to notice new found clarity in my own writing. Usually its harder to notice.Ho’ oponopono works and it works great.

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